The Potential For Joy In Mudville


Okay, so the Red Sox won. But let me present these simple facts about Boston:

-Their bars still close at midnight.
-They are, after nine years, still heavily mired in the Big Dig.
-They are the proud home of the Boston Strangler
-They are overrun with colleges (as opposed to us who are overrun run by one college (NYU)
-Boston traffic is horrendous
-They have those silly Stop & Shops as opposed to our far superior Key Foods and D’Agostinos (alright, I’m stretching a bit here)
-In general, we have a slightly more sensible way of pronouncing our r’s (not much, that’s true).
-The Great Boston Turkey Raffle Massacre happened there
-Did I mention the bars closing at midnight thing?

OK, well, there you are. Don’t you feel better now? I know I do.

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