Crumbcake Capers!


As our national ongoing war on obesity continues, we at would like to extend a warning to our readers who frequent Au Bon Pain, as many New Yorkers do.

The other day, one of our correspondents met a friend for lunch at Au Bon Pain. Hoping to secure a oatmeal raisin cookie, she found the last one had just been taken. Her friend telepathically coaxed her into having a crumbcake. Assessing the damage, our correspondent chanced upon the website for Au Bon Pain which lists the nutritional value of its pastries.  This is what she found:

I mean, Jesus Christ people! 42 grams of fat? Not to forget my journalistic standards, but what the fuck? That is, like, at LEAST an entire day’s worth of fat (and probably half a day’s calories). By the way, the piece eaten is pretty fucking small. Look at it.

Though Au Bon Pain is to be commended for listing the nuttritional figures on its website (probably our government’s doing) we’ve concluded that it’s just not worth it. Try an apple. Really.

This has been a public service announcement.

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