Finger Bites Man At Health Care Protest


In Los Angeles, at a health care protest organized by, a man’s finger was bitten off. Witnesses said a confrontation erupted after the biter crossed from the side of the street to the counterprotest, where Rice was standing. A loud scuffle ensued, punches were thrown, and the tip of William Rice’s finger was bitten off.

What the fascist, mainstream press will NOT tell you, is that the assailant is a longtime sufferer of rabies, the treatment of which is not covered, as it falls under “act of dog” by his current health care provider.

Rice claims that he and his attacker did not have a conversation about health care unless “you want to call him screaming in my face that I’m an idiot a conversation.” The truth is, several witnesses clearly heard Rice say repeatedly to the assailant “C’mon, I dare you to bite my finger off! What are ya, some kind of pussy?”

The biter fled, howling and frothing as he exited the scene, before authorities arrived. He could face several charges, including disturbing the peace, inciting a riot and the illegal use of a molar.

Rice himself was treated at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center. His treatment was covered by Medicare.

Ironic, that.

- Part of finger bitten off at Calif. health protest [AP]


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