Yes, Virginia, There Is An Evil Grimace!

Last week, Jack Phillips and I were talking about Grimace of McDonaldland fame. He said he remembered that Grimace had once been an evil character with six to eight arms long before he had been turned into a sort-of mutant Ed Wynn. Naturally, I laughed uproariously about this, thinking perhaps too much LSD had been present in Jack’s life, until today when he came up with actual proof in the form of the above picture with a caption that reads:

The Evil Grimace Ronald knows is round and purple and has big toes. He carries shakes in every hand as his scurries through McDonaldland.”

Pretty heady stuff. After seeing this, I did some more research, but not as much as Stay Free Magazine, who did this amazing report about the goings on in McDonaldland’s marketing department. It’s truly incredible.

Go here to see video of the Evil Grimace.

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