Ideal Clothing: The Greatest Jingle Ever?


There is a retail clothing outlet called the Ideal Manufacturing Company. Located on Route 30 in Hammonton, New Jersey, it was founded in 1936 and has been a Delaware Valley staple ever since. Growing up in Philadelphia, their jingle (recorded sometime in the early to late 50′s, assumedly) was played ad nauseam on every UHF station well into the early 90′s. Not that I minded; it may very well be the greatest jingle in the history of television advertising. Not only does it have that Nelson Riddle-meets-the-MikeCurb Congregation-goodness going for it, but it has this intangible likeability that makes it never seem out of place even fifty years later.

If you’ve got a passion for fashion
And you’ve got a craving for saving
Take the wheel of your automobile
And swing on down to–Ideal
(It’s not a fancy salon. It’s nothing but a Quonset Hut)

Enjoy. You’ll be singing it to yourself by the end of the day, and for the rest of your life.

Click here to download the jingle
Click here to visit the Ideal jingle shrine
And here to visit Ideal Clothing Company

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6 Responses to “Ideal Clothing: The Greatest Jingle Ever?”

  1. 6
    gene Says:

    Thanks. I just fixed it.

  2. 5
    Duane Horton Says:

    The company is (was) on Route 30, not Route 3.

  3. 4
    jifnif Says:

    this has been in my head for 35 years!!!!

  4. 3
    gene Says:

    I know you’re not kidding. It’s a track worthy of Sinatra.

  5. 2
    MacSlang Says:

    This may be the most perfect single piece of music, I mean it. 

  6. 1
    ricky Says:

    love it! does anyone have access 
    to the video of the commercial? I 
    haven’t seen that in many years!

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