Michael O’Donoghue Quote Of The Day: #1


“The funniest thing to me is a movie producer doing Quaaludes, falling asleep in his hot tub and parboiling. I don’t know if it has ever actually happened, but the idea is sure humorous to me.”

- Michael O’Donoghue

4 Responses to “Michael O’Donoghue Quote Of The Day: #1”

  1. 4
    gene Says:

    I do not, unfortunately. I’m going to try ebay.

  2. 3
    MacSlang Says:

    Do You have the Mondo Video?

  3. 2
    gene Says:

    Yeah, this guy’s been a major hero of mine for years.

  4. 1
    MacSlang Says:

    What can I say, it’s perfect.

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